By Navisteps

Published December 9, 2020

Product Updates

Simplify Expensing with Email Submission

Are you manually filing paper receipts or have too many digital receipts in your inbox?

To help make your life easier, we are introducing a new way to create expense reports: Email Submission.

With Email Submission, expense reports can be created in just two steps:

  1. Simply forward all your invoices/receipts to
  2. From here, all forwarded invoices/receipts will be automatically digitalised and extracted into an expense report in your Navisteps account

For ultimate speed and convenience, you can set up your email client to automatically forward emails of those invoices/receipts to to save anything from slipping through the net.

This feature will be available immediately for all of our customers.

If you have yet to sign up for an account, speak to us or try Navisteps for free.

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