All-in-one expense management automation solution

Navisteps is a digital expense management solution tailor-made for businesses to control, track and manage spend efficiently. We take care of your pre-accounting processes so you can focus on your business.

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All the tools and insights you need to control, track, manage your business expenses

From the self-employed to global enterprise companies, Navisteps takes care of the details so you can take care of business.

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Save time & money

Easily automate manual expenses claims, reporting and reimbursement processes! Focus on what matters.

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100% spend visibility

Reduce unnecessary spend with real time insights into every penny spent.

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Empowered happy employees

Create budgets that support your financial process, then empower your employees to spend.

Centralise spend control in minutes

  • Set up project labels, tax tracking, cost centre, expense category and department based on your company's needs.
  • Integrated travel and expense (T&E) policies to ensure policy compliance.
  • Customise multi-level and criteria-based approval workflows so that all expenses go to the right approvers and are examined properly before reimbursement.
  • Real-time notifications for any policy violation.
  • Full report audit trial.
Centralise spend control in minutes

Automated expense tracking

  • Say goodbye to paper receipts. Snap a photo of your receipts or email them in to have your expenses automatically created for you.
  • Travel booking and management integrations. Book and manage all your business trips in one place with our wide range of travel options and saved travellers’ profiles. Trips booked on Navisteps are automatically converted to expense reports. Learn more
Automated expense tracking

Complete analytics

See company spend by project, cost centre, expense category, merchant, department or employee through a centralized dashboard. Gain actionable insights and optimise spend.

Complete analytics

Accounting integrations

Integrate with key accounting softwares like Xero and more via integration or custom export.

Accounting integrations

Empower Everyone in Your Team

See how you can find success with Navisteps


  • Extensive Travel Inventory
  • Automated Expensing
  • Support at Your Disposal
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Travel Managers

  • Built-In Travel Policies
  • Ensure Total Compliance
  • Keep Track of your Travellers Easily
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Finance Team

  • Control Spend with Built-In Policies
  • Real-Time Visibility into Business Spend
  • Granular Reports to Analyze Spendings
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Bryan Koh

CEO & Founder
WhiteCoat Global

Expense reporting has been so hassle-free for employees and finance after we started using Navisteps. With our expense data digitalised and aggregated in one platform, we are able to get a comprehensive picture of company expenses at any point in the month to identify cost-saving opportunities.
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